Thursday, December 22, 2005


Taxi driving perspectives

Monday Dec. 19, 2005: I'm in the back seat of Hassan M Osman, driver 84334
of Karma Taxi Corp. Osman seems to have learned to drive from somewhere in
Asia. I got in the car and he clearly didn't know where to take me so he's
talking on his cell phone to some dispatcher. Then before I can settle in
we're weaving all across traffic and through pink lights, oops that was red,
and around and through all forms of other vehicles. I think he just checked
his text messages and email on his phone. And there goes another big red

Thursday Dec. 22, 2005: I rode in another taxi. This time, he said he was up
driving since 6am, and had to get up again tomorrow to start at 6. (It was
currently 12am.) He had to pay his rent. Money was tight he said, so much
that he had to sell his medallion to get some eye surgery. I'm really
grateful for my education and possibilities in life. And I want to keep
working hard, he's doing it and so will I.

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