Wednesday, December 07, 2005


chicago's cold and I feel extra important in the evenings

so monday as it was 9 degrees above zero, or 21 below freezing, or with windchill some dozen degrees under zero, or over 40 below freezing--i asked myself why in the world did i move north to chicago with lots of cold, wind and cold. And commute.

Tuesday a.m. I repeated the question for about 46 minutes.

But then each evening as I stay late at work for a push to get our project done on time -- i take a taxi home, and walk a block to my house. And get it all reimbursed. And that makes me feel special and somewhat important inside. a cheerful driver from some other country shuttling me around and keeping the cab warm.

well, i'm grinning now and need to relax to sleep. jonathan

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