Monday, May 16, 2005


Steadycam morning encounter with fisher-folk

I took my camera outside today and filmed a walk to the beach. As I expected (and feared), we created a bit of a scene. Two fair skinned foreigners walking around creates enough of a sight as it is, but when one of them is carrying a camcorder and filming--it's a bit more exciting.

On the other hand, it wasn't as bad as I expected it would be. A throng did not follow us, although when we were on the beach a boy started talking to us. He was first excited to be on camera, then he said, "You RICH!" I said, "No, not actually--we are not." He said, "I live simple life... I'm sorry for you." "I sorry." He said it was sorrowful to be "rich," which we are in a relative sense.

Then another fisher-folk, this time an adult, started talking to us. He invited us to see his house. After a bit of discussion we trekked to his house, number 37. I was under the impression that he was a very poor fisherman. Yet, I was surprised when I saw a television, modern cooking stoves and brand name plastic wrapped cookies for the grandchildren. He wanted to take us on a boat ride in the Bay of Bengal, but we declined. After finally extricating ourselves from his house (his family was talkative), we hurried back for breakfast at our host family.

Upon reviewing the video, I am less than satisfied. I'll have to return to the street again today for another shot. Because of our excitement, we walked too fast, I didn't hold the camera level, and there wasn't cohesion in what I filmed. Take two, here I come.

Trying to not create a big scene. While I am getting better at being bold shooting video, I still feel ackward using this expensive western technology when some poor people on the street must feel jealous or contemptful l towards me.

The fuzzy thing is a "dead cat" (or so it's called) that reduces wind noise on the microphone. I had to give it a haircut today, as it kept getting a bit of fuzz into the video recording scene.

Myself, with host family "grandma and grampa"

It must be quite an adventure for your host family as well- having you show up on their doorstep! (:
I don't know if the poor people feel jealousy or contempt towards us. I wonder if maybe they just think we are weird or silly. Yesterday I was carrying a bunch of stuff down the street (bookbag, tripod, bag of fabric and puppets) and I told Jonathan that I must be the most unusual sight on the streets.
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