Thursday, May 26, 2005


Spitting Orange Seeds

We went on a nice little walk today around a commercial area close to where we are staying. Jillian got a few shirts and I got a few long pants. Then we found ourselves a juice station. As sirens call to Homer, these cleverly positioned stations frequently call out to me and I succomb to drinking their sweet nectar.

Gosh I think the juice is good. For orange juice, a man freshly peels 3 to 4 oranges and blends them in a blender, sifts out some pulp and seeds, and adds a little water to make a delicious slurry. The water is probably not safe to drink, but I drink it anyways--and they are ooooh soooo good!

Today we were conservative on our stomachs. I ordered no water in the juice (safer that way.) Instead we got 6 oranges blended together. We also asked for no straining out the pulp (and seeds.) To our delight this ended up in two brimming cups of AWESOME pre-chewed juice that we chewed, drank and spat seeds with for a half an hour. It was really delicious. Oh, and that was all for 15 Rupees. Remember 42 Rs. = 1 US$? Good deal.

But for us two health-food-junkees, that wasn't enough. We went for the carrot milk shake without milk or sugar. They used SOOOOOOO much carrots. I think it was at least half a kilo. This resulted in two heaping glasses of carrot juice (and i mean heaping, even if you didn't think glasses could heap). It was really good.

We then walked around some and made dinner here at our friend's house we're staying at. He lets us use his kitchen, and we had an amazing pasta and vegatable medley. His brother was here to watch us cook, and we all had a good time as Jillian and I cooked our version of "Americian Food."

My stomach's feeling much better. I even got a cold a few days back too, but that has since left me.

Being inland now, what is the temp compared to the coast? I would have thought the ocean would have kept it cooler. Is it humid with mosquitos, or just hot and dry?
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