Sunday, May 15, 2005


Problem with me telling the story

The focus of the story need be the children. My prose is insufficient to adequately inspire people. I don’t even want to sit and tell a story that gets people all fired up. I want the children’s lives we experience to become the story.

I believe the journey Jillian and I make as we dive deep into India combined with the voices of the children we work with will become a story worth telling. I anticipate the children fabricating a message that everyone can relate to, and can learn from.

We’ll ask the children to draw themselves as they dream they’ll be when they grow up. We’ll have them create self portraits. We'll ask about earliest childhood memories, family life, favorite activities and for lessons they can teach us. This will be repeated accross many other groups in India. Next week I can't wait to start working with street boys in a shelter. Oh how different of a life experience they will bring!

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