Tuesday, May 31, 2005


India is not the place for western women to buy clothes

Jonathan is a big fan of the tailors in India. On ever street there seems to be several men with sewing machines to alter existing clothes, mend tears, or make something from scratch. Jonathan has had all three of these services done and is for the most part very satisfied. I have not had as much luck.

Since I just graduated I've been thinking about getting a job. As Jonathan is more knowledgeable about interviews and what I would need to wear, he has encouraged me to get a suit while we are in India because it is less expensive here. He was buying some suits, so he thought it would be a good idea if I look for one too. So I found one store with women's suits. It is a very expensive store, much more than either one of us wanted to spend. I tried the smallest jacket on just to see how it fit, but it was huge. Jonathan decided to get his suits tailored so I decided to go ahead and do the same. As I am very tiny, I figured that would look better than trying to make an already existing suit much smaller. I don't think the tailors had ever made a suit for a woman before because for $50 I now have a suit almost identical to Jonathan's, a small man's suit. If there is a 5 foot boy with a 24 inch waist looking for a suit, I would be happy to give it to him. Otherwise, I will be taking it back tomorrow to see if they can womanize it for me.

I am still laughing at this ....this is priceless! good luck
Use the word "womanize" carefully, the shop keepers there can be quite aggresive; and not just the bargining for price.
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