Sunday, February 05, 2006


What's this blog supposed to be about anyway?

So Jonathan hijacked the blog for awhile to talk about technology and economics and stuff, and now it is my turn to take over and talk about things such as art and teaching and post graduate school and being a lost artist in society. After all the blog is called artview, right? It's now time to get an artist's view.

So here's a little update about me and my situation:

I graduate from Purdue with my MA in Visual Art in May.
I spend the next month in India running art camps for children.
I fly back to the US and spend a couple weeks packing up and moving out of my apartment in Indiana and back home with my parents in Ohio.

From here I get lost. What do I do? How do I find a job?

I spend the summer trying to learn computer graphics software. I do some online volunteering in graphic design. I look for jobs on the internet, and don't really see anything I am qualified for, but I still apply to some artsy ones that I think I could possibly do. I don't hear back from any of them. I'm not surprised. Jobs don't exist for artists. I have no experience in commercial art, and really I am not sure I'd like it but am willing to give it a try. I look at my resume and see that most of my experience is in teaching, so I send my resume to a local college. They acknowledge my resume but unfortunately don't need any art teachers.

After two months of living at home I feel guilty about not aquiring a job yet, so I reluctantly interview to work at the soon to open Target store. Not surprisingly they hire me, because I am way over qualified, for an amazing $6.00 an hour. The month before the store opens is gruelling. Eight hours a day of lifting heavy boxes and stocking shelves. It doesn't get much better when the store opens because now on top of restocking the shelves, we have to help customers (oops, I mean guests), answer calls, and make sure everything is perfectly zoned. After three months I quit because I come home exhausted and I am getting nowhere in my career. I think it is much better to be temporarily unemployed than to be in a deadend minimum wage self esteem sinking job.

I now decide to call local graphic design firms to see if I can find a job or at least an internship to get some experience. I meet with two of them. The one guy just hits on me, and the other place offers me an internship. Now I think this is really promising because they have this website that lists a whole bunch of positions that they are hiring for....part-time graphic designer, freelance graphic designer, etc.... and I think I'll humble myself and intern for free for awhile and they will be so impressed with my work that maybe they will hire me. Unfortunately, no luck there. They tend to ignore me most of the time. They don't give me much to do so I am bored a lot, and I never get any feedback about the work I do. It also turns out that they aren't looking to hire anybody right now. So I quit and I think they were just waiting for me to go.

The one thing I have had success with since I've been home is substitute teaching. I occasionally sub at my alma mater, St. Mary, where my mom is currently teaching first grade. It's fun going back there, seeing my former teachers, and being on the other side. It has affirmed my love and strength for teaching. It gives me a glimpse of hope for my future.

Great post, I enjoy reading your spunky attitude.
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